You should probably update your Apple device now

Apple said vulnerability affects 6S models, iPad 5th generation iPhones and later, the iPad Air 2 and later, the iPad mini 4 and later, all iPad Pro models and the 7th generation iPod touch.

The vulnerability also extends to Mac computers running the company's Monterey OS as well as Apple's Safari browser on its Big Sur and Catalina operating systems.

Cybersecurity experts urge Apple users to update their devices with US government cybersecurity

And the Infrastructure Security Agency warned that "an attacker could exploit one of these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected device."

The agency said affected users "should apply necessary updates as soon as possible."

Apple (AAPL) said the vulnerabilities give hackers the ability to manipulate a device's operating system to "execute arbitrary code" and potentially infiltrate devices via "maliciously crafted Web content."

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