World Photography Day 2022: Here are 8 photography tips for smartphone users

Over the years, digital cameras have lost their sheen and glamour, for photography enthusiasts who hold great potential for art.

Here are some tips that will last you a lifetime in terms of relevance and legitimacy, proving the technical capabilities of your small phone camera.

Before planning a photoshoot, give your phone a quick wipe down for sharp and satisfactory image quality.

Clean Your Lens

The solution would be to let the cell detect it on its own, and simply tap on your subject. You already have a sharp image.

Tap The Screen For A Good Focus

Always use the benefits of natural light to the fullest, choose early morning or late evening for that golden silhouette or outline.

Avoid Flash Altogether

You can tap the screen manually to see if it displays an exposure symbol, then swipe up or down to change the brightness of the exposure.

Manually Set The Brightness

Avoid placing your subject smack dab in the center of the frame. Symmetry is another fantastically perfect idea to incorporate into your goals.

Give It A Creative Touch!

Gather and group your subjects in a group with odd numbers like three, seven or nine.

Follow The Rule Of Odds

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