Alabama corrections officer who escaped with inmate has died in hospital, sheriff says

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding told CNN that former Alabama corrections officer Vicky White has died and inmate Casey White was arrested in Indiana on Monday.

The US marshal previously told CNN that he was previously hospitalized with gunshot wounds to himself after being detained following a car chase in Evansville, Indiana.

Her wounds were "very serious", Wedding said at the time.

Casey White

No law enforcement officers opened fire, according to Sheriff Rick Singleton of Lauderdale County, Alabama, where the pair — who are not related — fled on April 29.

According to US Marshal Matt Keely, prior to the chase, surveillance officers saw Vicky White walking out of a hotel with a wig.

Then, he and Casey White got into a car and left.

vicky white update

Officers continued to watch them until a vehicle chase began, when a U.S. Marshals Task Force member drove a vehicle into a Cadillac that the pair were in.

The car wrecked and rolled over, he said.

According to the US marshal, Casey White was driving the car, although Wedding had previously told reporters that Vicky White was the driver.

Kelly said officers were successful in getting the prisoner out of the damaged car, but Vicky White was shot in the head.

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