Chris Pratt on 'Terminal List,' enlisting a beefed-up Schwarzenegger and newborn baby 'hell week'

Chris Pratt perfects the art of the comedic Wisecrack in the midst of blockbuster movie action, whether surviving a dinosaur death in the "Jurassic World" franchise or during a quad blaster fire in "Guardians of the Galaxy."

It ends with "The Terminal List", where Pratt's customary frivolity is the first crash on the register for an eight-episode Amazon series (streaming Friday).

Pratt, 43, goes full-fledged military as Navy SEAL James Rees in the first adaptation of the 2020 novel by best-selling author (and former SEAL Platoon commander) Jack Carr.

"The audience will have a set of expectations as to what they'll get from what I'm doing, with jokes and silliness.

But none of it is" here, Pratt says, in a joint video interview with Carr.

"I couldn't trust the comedic instrument I brought in for most jobs. It was a challenge."

It was a challenge that began with the ironically lovable and goofy Andy Dwyer, Pratt's breakout role in NBC's 2009–15 comedy "Parks and Recreation". Carr was a fan.

Then, after replacing Pratt in the SEAL Team Six operator in one of his first film roles, the Oscar-winning 2012 drama "Zero Dark Thirty", the budding author used Pratt as the inspiration for his main character, Reece.

“(Pratt) made that change and was still naturally likable, someone you wanted to have a beer with,” Carr says.