James Caan, an onscreen tough guy and movie craftsman, has died at 82

James Edmund Kahn was an athletic kid from the Bronx, the son of German-Jewish immigrants who grew up playing tough moviegoers:

Sailor, football player, gangster and was one of the most recognizable screen actors of his era.

According to a post on his official Twitter account, he passed away on 6 July. No further details were available.

Known for his explosive turn as Sonny Corleone in The Godfather

and as a dying professional football player in the made-for-TV-movie Bryan's Song (which earned him Oscar and Emmy nominations, respectively),

Cain gave a remarkably watchable mechanism for dozens of movies and shows.

In Egypt, he was a noted writer held captive by Kathy Bates.

In Gardens of Stone, he was a heartbroken Vietnamese vet who was reluctantly guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

In Elf, he played as a failed children's book publisher against Type, who is also the main character's father.

Grief helped turn things around. The former athlete spent much of the 1990 film tied to the bed.

Cannes also emotionally anchored the film.