Jack Harlow visits record shop in Louisville, promotes new album with fans1

Louisville native rapper Jack Harlow visited a local record store in the Clifton neighborhood on Sunday.

Guestroom Records on Frankfort Avenue hosted Harlow for an in-store appearance.

Attendees were allowed into the store with the purchase of a limited edition autographed CD of Harlow's "Come Home the Kids Miss You" album.

Evan Olinger is a big fan of Jack Harlow - showing his appreciation for the Louisville rapper through his art - a colored pencil drawing that took him 10 hours.

The line wrapped around the store and lasted several blocks as some people waited more than 24 hours to get a chance to meet Harlow.

Harlow arrived in a black SUV accompanied by several security guards and made his way straight to the store, through the screaming crowd.

Prior to his signing, Harlow spent the weekend in Louisville - hosting a Derby Eve party at the 21c Museum Hotel and calling "riders up" for the 148th race of the Kentucky Derby.

However, Sunday was a special day for the fans.

"I think we are all so proud. We are proud of Louisville, we're proud of Jack, we're proud of each other -

- it's just a good day to be in Louisville," said store manager Lisa Foster.

Harlow will also make appearances at Amoeba Hollywood, DTLR Camp Creek and Urban Outfitters Herald Square next month to celebrate the album.