How 'House of the Dragon' Pulled Off the 'Extreme' Scene That Set Its Story In Motion

If viewers have learned anything over season eight of “Game of Thrones,” it’s that, in Westeros, no one is so important or too dear to die of a sudden, terrifying death.

Attempts to save their child and secure a male heir to the Iron Throne are ultimately in vain: the infant only lives for a few hours.

Brutal sequence, intercut with a violent eviction fight

House of the Dragon Cast

Brutal sequence, intercut with a violent eviction fight, highlights the dangers faced by women in this mythical

It also has astonishing modern-relevance in a quasi-medieval realm, but a menacing post-cry moment.

"Every birth in this show has a theme, just like the battles I've filmed in the past have a central concept.

The subject of this nativity scene was 'torture,'" co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik wrote in an email to The Times.

He directed episodes, as well as several of the most epic installments of "Game of Thrones", including "Battle of the Bastards" and "The Long Night".

Game of Thrones

In the end, the audience played the scene to as many women as possible to get their reaction.

“We were concerned not to get it wrong. And unanimously, the response was positive,” he said.

"Some people felt it wasn't violent enough."