Ed Sheeran Wins Copyright Battle Over 'Shape of You'

British musician Ed Sheeran has won a copyright lawsuit over his hit single "Shape of You".

A UK High Court ruled on Wednesday that Sheeran did not plagiarize Sami Chokri's 2015 song "Oh Why".

In his ruling, Judge Antony Zacaroli said Sheeran "neither knowingly nor subconsciously copied" Chokri's work.

He noted that there were "similarities between the one-time phrase" in "Shape of You" and "Oh Why", adding that "such similarities are only a starting point for potential infringement of copyright".

After studying both songs, Zacaroli concluded that there were "differences between the relevant parts" of the lyrics, which "provided compelling evidence that the phrase 'oh I' in "Shape of You" contained the phrase 'oh why'. originated from sources other than

Addressing the allegation that Sheeran had heard "Oh Why" before composing "Shape of You", Zacaroli said: "Actually, I think he hadn't heard it," adding that There was only a "speculative foundation". On this claim of the defense.

Sheeran released a video statement following the verdict.

“While we are clearly pleased with the outcome, it seems to me that such claims are now very common and we have become a culture where claims are made with the idea that settlement will be cheaper than taking them to court. , even if there is no basis for the claim.

This is really damaging to the songwriting industry,” Sheeran said.

"Pop music only uses so many notes and so few chords.

Coincidence is bound to happen if Spotify is releasing 60,000 songs every day.

That's 22 million songs a year and there are only 12 notes available," Sheeran said.

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