Here are 5 possible contenders to replace Boris Johnson as U.K. prime minister

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned as leader of the Conservative Party on Thursday.

He said he would continue as prime minister while the party would choose a new leader.

Given that the Conservative Party had won a landslide victory in the last election, the country would not need to go to the polls again.

Here are some who could compete to be the next British Prime Minister in the coming weeks and months based on popularity, experience or expressions of interest:

A former investment banker, he was first elected as a lawmaker in 2015.

Rishi Sunak

His popularity with the British public as a top cabinet member soared during the coronavirus pandemic, as his Treasury Department announced a series of policies that provided financial aid to many citizens.

The resignation of Javid, a former Treasury chief and, most recently, the country's health secretary, also helped spark a cabinet revolt on Tuesday night, which led to Johnson's resignation as Conservative leader.

Sajid Javid

A businessman at investment banks Chase Manhattan and Deutsche Bank, he was elected to parliament back in 2010.

Wallace is one of the longest-serving lawmakers who is considered the front-runner.

Ben Wallace

Here are 2 more possible contenders to replace Boris Johnson as U.K. prime minister

2 potential contenders to replace Boris Johnson as UK Prime Minister are: Jeremy Hunt, Suella Braverman