10 important features of Android 13

Auto-delete clipboard history

Now, Android will go ahead and delete your clipboard history automatically after a short period

More focus on security and user privacy

Android 13 will provide a clear, color-coded indicator of your security status and guide and take steps to boost your security.

More customisation options

With the help of Android 13, it is going further to customize the look and feel of your phone with pre-made color variants.

Colour theming of app icons

Android 13 extends the color theme of your app icons beyond Google apps.

Able to use different apps in different languages

Android 13 allows you to choose a different language preference for each of your apps in Settings.

Notifications permissions requests

With the help of Android 13 version, apps will also ask you for permission to send you notifications.

More control over sharing information with apps

If an app needs to access the camera or contact once installed, and it no longer needs access, Android will automatically downgrade the permissions.

Better Bluetooth connectivity features

Android 13 gets support for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) audio.

Redesigned media control

With the upcoming Android version, the new design will appear on the lock screen as well as in the notification panel.